Cable and Wire Test

Cable and Wire Test

With the development of science, technology and technological level in the world, the requirements for cables and wires products are getting higher and higher. In the past the low quality products were flooding over the market, the cables and wires now on sale are required to be certified: China Compulsory Certification, which greatly improves the requirements for manufacturers in terms of quality control.

In fact, 3C authentication is actually a combination of CCEE, CCIB, EMC. The test requirements of 3C authentication for cables and wires are mainly concentrated in the GB5013/GB5023 (IEC-60245/IEC-60227).

The main test items for these series standards are the following:

Color recognition of insulated wire core1. General requirements2. Color chromatography3. Digits recognition
structural requirement of cables and wires


1. Conductor2. Insulation3.Filling
4.  Fibre Textile5. Sheath6. Electrical performance

Color recognition of insulated wire core requires products to meet general requirements and digits recognition. Manufacturers are capable to guarantee that their products can meet the standards via using the standard equipments and controlling the production process. After the completion of production, manufacturers can also use the appropriate equipment for thickness / character detection (LISUN recommends the CH-10-C desktop thickness tester and 15J reading microscope). But for the requirements of color chromatography, there is a certain error judging by the naked eye because of the limitations of the human eye, manufacturers can buy professional color tester (DSCD-920) to test produced by LISUN.

For structural requirements of cables and wires, it must be detected by professional equipment. Conductor material test: In addition to the length / material / size requirements, the standards also have requirements for extension performance and mechanical properties of materials after the aging. For carrying the test, it needs the following equipments: Ageing Oven (LISUN recommends LH-H), Thermal Elongation Tester (LISUN recommends RYS-1), Electric wire static flexing tester (LISUN recommends QR-J), Ozone Cabinet (LISUN recommends CY-100) and etc.

In addition to the ordinary high temperature / low temperature aging, the standards also mention including oil bath aging, humidity aging (LISUN recommends DK-S20 and DK-S420), a series of aging requirements and specific requirements and parameters, please refer to the form in IEC60245-1 requirements.

  1. Electrical Performance Test: The wires and cables should have sufficient dielectric strength and insulation resistance to ensure electrical safety in using. The test item includes: Conductor resistance measurement/Finished cable voltage test (No breakdown occurs)/Voltage test of insulation core (No breakdown occurs)/Measurement of insulation resistance above 90°. For this series of tests, the Lisun recommends the use of bridges and clamps (QJ-57P) / insulated high resistance meter (ZC-90D) as well as other aging / environmental testing equipment.
  1. Thickness Test: There is corresponding requirements of thickness of 53,57,66 cable sheath in the appendix of IEC 60245-1. According to the method of calculation in the standard, Lisun recommends desktop thickness tester (CH-10-C) for relevant testing.
  1. The filling / fiber textile / sheathing test items listed in the standard can also be tested by the test equipment mentioned above.

In general, the above test consists of three steps: aging in a particular environment, carrying the test via test equipment that meets the requirements of the standard, checking the test results. The standard has made the corresponding requirements for each step and it is also difficult for manufacturers to carry the test by themselves. After years of focusing on this area, Lisun has built a powerful research and development team. Our products have been sold around the world including many famous company and lab. The costumer can check the tables below to choose their necessary devices.

ItemProduct NameModel NumberTechnical Specs Introduction:IEC Clause
1Dumbbell cutterCustomized2 Sets(IEC.811-1)IEC.811-1
2Sheet-punching machine/Punching stroke: 25mm,
Working bed dimension: 175*140mm
3Low magnification projector/50/100 timesIEC.811
4Bench thickness gauge/Measure range: 0-10mm±0.01mm(IEC.811-1)IEC.811-1
5Aging oven/IEC.811-1-2, Ventilation model,
Temperature: 200 degrees;
Work room size: 450*450*450mm;
Ventilation volume: 0~100 times/hour
6Oxygen ( Air bomb) aging tester/IEC.811, Maximum working pressure: 4.0MPa/CM2IEC.811
7Low temperature impact testerDWC-1Weight: 100~1500g(IEC.811-1-4);IEC.811-1-4
8Low Temperature Winding Testing Device/IEC.811-1-4, dabber D≈4-5dIEC.811-1-4
9Low Temperature bending Testing Device/Cryogenic box is extraIEC.811-1-4
10Low Temperature  tension testing Device/Tensile speed: (25±5)mm/minIEC.811-1-4
11Ozone Resistance Aging Test Chamber/500*500*400mm/
12Thermal Extension Tester/Weight: 60~1060g(IEC.811-2-1)IEC.811-2-1
13High Temperature Pressure Tester/Thickness of blade edge: 0.7±0.01mm;
3 position; Without high temperature box
14Cracking Resistance Winding Tester/Max winding diameter: 12.5mmIEC.811-3-1
15Thermal Stability Tester/Without High temperature boxIEC.811-3-2
16Constant humidity flume/37~65/0.2 degree; 450*300*170mmIEC.811
17Constant humidity Oil bath/Room temperature: +10~95 degree;
Diamter(φ): 328*213mm
18Bridge Fixtures/Resistance range: 0.01цΩ~1111.1Ω/
19Wire and Cable Burning Tester/Dual flow and pressure gauge, autoignitionIEC60332-3-10
20Insulated megger/100/250/500/1KV;
Resistance: 105~2×1013
21High voltage tester for electrical wire & cable/10KV, Breakdown current: 0-200mA/
22Dynamic Flexing Tester/Can switch between 2 or 3 wheels. With the load of 0~30A/
23Electric Wire Static Flexing Tester/IEC60227-2, the static flex testIEC60227-2
24Wire Abrasion Resistance Tester/¢40mm; One-way 40/min, IntelligentIEC60227-2
25Low temperature Tester/0.5*0.6*0.75M; -50 degree/
26High temperature Tester/0.5*0.6*0.75M; 200 degree/
27Rubber Cable Twisting Tester/2 positions; (clockwise ,anticlockwise)IEC60245-2
28Heat resistant device for braiding layer/High-temperature cabinet is extraIEC60245-2
29Conductor Resistance fixture/Need work with bridge when the diameter >6mm^2/
30Wire Bending Tester/2 position intelligent servo;
Touch screen, with load
31Plug Wire Static Tensile Tester/Displacement speed: 300mm/min
Weight: 5Lb, 8Lb, 10Lb, 20Lb
Test Time: 0~99.99mins or 0~99.99hs
Position: 6 positions
32Wire damage testerWDT-12 positions/
33ABRUPT PULL TESTER/Position: 3 positions
Angle of bar: 90° and 180°
Height of bar: 2 cores: 178mm
3 cores: 254mm
Weight: 2.5lb
34Electronic balance/0-200g/0.1mgIEC-811-3-2
35Reading microscope/Gain: 10X
X axis test range: 50mm
Y axis test range: 13mm

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